Monday, September 3, 2007

Real Estate Mortgage Tips

Your own Real Estate is your greatest Investment. You might have heard the idea of making extra major payments to decrease interest and payoff your mortgage early. The concept might be simple, but it is frequently overlooked and seldom practiced. A typical promissory note amounts to absurd interest over thirty years. For example, on a thirty year $100,000 loan at 9%, you would pay over $189,000 in interest.

If you have a positive cash stream on your hire properties, deem using it to make extra principle payments. By making additional principle payments, even small ones, you could save drastically on interest. This is because interest is charged on the exceptional balance owed. For example, if you paid an additional $50/month the loan explained above, you will save $49,000 in interest and pay off the loan balance six years earlier. If you paid an additional $100 per month, you would save over $75,000 in interest and pay off the balance ten years earlier.

Save Money on Late Fees

If you are in risk of paying your mortgage late, send your payment via overnight mail. The cost of doing so is most likely much less than your late payment. For example, a 5% late fine on a $1,000 payment is $50. Sending the imbursement via Federal Express would cost you less than $15.

Tips when in Default

Watch for Bankruptcy. A borrower in evasion could run into federal court and file for insolvency to stop your foreclosure proceeding. Once the federal bankruptcy appeal is filed, the state court foreclosure taking place is subject to an automatic "stay". Simply have your lawyer march into federal court and ask the judge to have the wait lifted against you. However, if the debtor files for chapter 14 reorganization, he might be able to ask the court to force you to recognize a payout plan. Either way you would get paid, even if it means having to wait.

Think of "Deed in Lieu of." If you are in a mortgage state, a borrower could delay the scheduled for months by just filing an answer to the complaint, lifts any number of defenses, as well as improper service of the summons. If you are on speaking terms with the borrower, try and work it out. It might be cheaper for you to give up the back payments and even pay he to give you a deed in lieu of forecloses. That is, he gives you the property back and you spare him the discomfiture and credit damage of a foreclosure (as well as a possible lack judgment against him). Time is money when it comes to foreclosure, so use it wisely!

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