Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Debt Elimination Starts With Credit Cards According To ChristiaNet (, the world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, offers valuable information to readers about the best ways to get started with debt elimination. Now that the holidays are over many consumers find their mailboxes filled with bills from purchases made with credit cards. Creditors send out numerous offers to consumers during the holidays for the purpose of enticing them to buy now and pay later. Unfortunately most of these offers involve high interest and various other fees that make it hard to pay off balances. President Bill Cooper, with, offers some advice to consumers, "The best way to tackle debt elimination is to start by making more than the minimum monthly payment on charge accounts." (

Various ideas towards debt elimination have been provided by readers from ChristiaNet. One person suggests, "Refrain from some non-essential activities for a short period of time and use that money to make debt payments." Non-essential activities might include anything that is not a necessity. Make a list of activities or expenses that can be eliminated until credit cards are paid off. Consider canceling cable services and other entertainment related activities.

Accumulating debt should serve as a learning experience for consumers to do things differently in the future pertaining to gift giving and making purchases on credit cards. A concerned Believer on ChristiaNet said, "Use cards for emergencies only, use cash for everything, don't spend beyond your means." Educate yourself on the tactics used by banks and finance companies to entice consumers to accept offers that lead to indebtedness. Live on a realistic budget by listing debts in relation to income.

While there are many ways to tackle debt, choosing the right one may be confusing. Some of these include consolidation, negotiation, obtaining a home equity loan, counseling, and others. Christian services are available to consumers and some offer free advice. Bankruptcy is more difficult for consumers to qualify for because of changes in the law and there are companies out there that offer unrealistic promises that ultimately cannot be delivered. Some services promise negotiation with creditors for lower interest rates and lower balance payoffs. However, consumers can do these negotiations themselves without paying a fee for services. For more information, visit:

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