Monday, May 7, 2007

Foreclosure Stopping

You’ve just received a terrifying telephone call from your lender. He or she has threatened foreclosure on your beloved property and says there’s nothing you can do to stop the proceedings. But before you start to pack up your belongings, rest assured that there are several ways of foreclosure prevention, including those below. Some cost money and some are free.

1. Foreclosure Mediation - Probably the most popular and common with people who can't pay all the past due mortgage payments at once. This service negotiates with the lender to move those payments to the back of the loan (pending you have the proven income to make the current payments). It is essentially like getting a grace period.

2. Negotiate a Repayment Structure Yourself - This is definitely the cheapest way, but can be frustrating if your lender doesn't have a helpful "loss mitigation department" or a "hardship" program. It can be viewed the same as if you were going to fix your own car. First you have to learn about the car, then fix the car. As with car repair, most people would rather hire a specialist to handle their financial affairs.

3. Deed in lieu of foreclosure - This is where you realize that you can't pay for the house and you voluntarily give the house back to the lender. This still is subject to a deficiency judgment yet counts as a "less serious" foreclosure on your credit.

4. Sell your house - This is a great way if you feel you can get what you owe out of your house. Remember to include the standard 6% realtor fees when calculating your take home. You can negotiate the buyer to pay some of the realtor fees, but it is rare.

For assistance on stopping foreclosure with the mediation services mentioned above, click here.

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